DR. Sebi: The Legacy of The Great Healer

How a man born in 1933 in Honduras became a world-renowned herbalist? What did he do for Humanity? Why has he been known as “Dr. Sebi?” And the most burning question is, has he cured several incurable ailments? This is a true story of an extraordinary man and an eminent healer “Dr. Sebi.” If you pay closer attention to the life of Alfredo Bowman, the journey of becoming Dr. Sebi was not easy for him.

Legacy of Dr Sebi

How a man born in 1933 in Honduras became a world-renowned herbalist? What did he do for Humanity? Why has he been known as “Dr. Sebi?”  And the most burning question is, has he cured several incurable ailments?

This is a true story of an extraordinary man and an eminent healer “Dr. Sebi.”  If you pay closer attention to the life of Alfredo Bowman, the journey of becoming Dr. Sebi was not easy for him. 

In 1933, Dr. Sebi was born in a small village of Illanga, Honduras, Central America. If you trace several speeches of Dr. Sebi you will know that Dr. Sebi never walked into any educational institution his entire life. Asthma has affected him since he was a child. He was sexually impotent at the age of 28.  Two years later, some other deadly ails hit Dr. Sebi’s life. He had an advanced stage of diabetes, obesity, and madness.

Dr. Sebi’s confidential papers that we’ve gained access to, indicate that those deadly ailments have deeply impacted his life. He tried curing his ailments through pharmaceutical drugs but those medicines failed to cure him. He lost his hope of curing his ailments. Dr. Sebi asserted in his documents that “the medication he thought would cure his suffering was deteriorating his condition.” He realized it soon and decided to discontinue western made drugs.

After facing devastating failures from the western medicinal system he visited a Mexican herbalist who was locally renowned to cure deadly diseases. He followed several months of rigorous holistic treatment under the guidance of this Mexican doctor and some incredible things happened in Those two months was a life-changing period in Dr. Sebi’s life. Not only has he successfully defeated all diseases but the belief he amassed for natural healing has entirely transformed his life forever.   

The Beginning of Becoming The Dr. Sebi

After the completion of a winning treatment, Dr. Sebi began a journey to find out different but unique approaches to cure diseases. Initially, he learned some basics of natural healing from his grandmother. Later on, he did his research in North to South America, the Caribbean region, and many parts of African countries to identify herbs with divine medicinal abilities. After spending 30 years of his life researching deeply about herbs, he became knowledgeable about the immense healing capacity of Nature. He evolved an entirely new healing ideology that has changed the way of healing diseases forever. 

Dr. Sebi
Dr. Sebi

Until now, no one claimed to have a cure for incurables like AIDS, Cancer, Herpes, and Lupus. But there was a man who came up to have cures for all devastating ailments.  Based on his findings Dr. Sebi created the concept of cell foods and African Bio Mineral Balance. Dr. Sebi also recognized an enormous connection of alkaline food in reversing destructive diseases. 

He also put forward some other discoveries to the world. Dr. Sebi tried to make us understand that there is only one culprit that is making us ill and it is Mucus. If the mucus from the body is eliminated, the disease can not persist. If the food you eat is Alkaline the mucus will be naturally eliminated by the body itself.

His new perspectives of healing diseases became popular in no time. Dr. Sebi’s very first patient who was a blind man for nearly 11 years was miraculously cured of his blindness. Now, people started showing faith in the healing ideology of Dr. Sebi. 

His list of patients was so vast ranging from an ordinary man to world-renowned celebrities. He is known to treat Michael Jackson. Lisa Lopez (Left Eyes), John Travolta, Eddie Murphy, Steven Segal, and Teddy Pendergrass are some other renowned celebrities to take shelter of Dr. Sebi’s healing ideology. Now that the healing methodology created by him became so famous and widespread, he established the USHA research institute in Honduras to unleash even more healing capabilities of Herbs. This research institute has added further value to Dr. Sebi’s treatment.

Dr. Sebi VS Government Authorities

Dr. Sebi was at that time gaining immense attention from the people. He became a pioneer in holistic healing and started publicizing his holistic discoveries to the people of the nation. Dr.Sebi wanted us to incorporate the healing that God made for us. He put some advertisements for curing AIDS in certain media outlets like Village Voice, New York Post, Amsterdam News. 

But this act of Dr. Sebi did not go well with Government Authorities. The attorney general for Consumer fraud filed a charge against Dr. Sebi. Later on, he was charged for the unauthorized exercise of herbal medicine.  Robert Abram is the attorney general who arrested Dr. Sebi and introduced him to the court. 

During the court trial, the government did everything to prove in the court that he was making false claims of curing diseases. But all the lawsuits filed against Dr. Sebi proved to be fake. He won every case. Dr. Sebi was able to convince the New York Judge that his all claims are legit. He brought more than 75 cured patients who submitted their testimonials to the judge. All evidence and the smart arguments Dr. Sebi made before the court convinced the judge that his claims are legit. The judge found the legend not guilty and concluded the case in favor of 

Dr. Sebi. After winning the case, he continued his work in the interest of Humanity. 

The Airport Conspiracy

The conspiracy took place when Dr. Sebi and his friend Pablo Medina were detained by the Public Ministerio at the Juan Manuel Gálvez de Roatan Airport on 28th May 2016. He was allegedly carrying $37000 in cash and arrested for money laundering. 

He spent several weeks in the prison and their family members reportedly tried to get him out of the jail. Police officials asked Dr. Sebi for the proof of money source and at that time he did not bring that kind of documents with him. In that case, their family members had the responsibility to show the source of the money income. If his family members would have produced the papers verifying the source of the money the case would have been dismissed. But they were not able to produce such documents. 

The police officials never disclosed the official arrest records of Dr. Sebi. Hence it remains shady what were the actual circumstances that led to the detainment of the great legend.

During his stay in jail, he allegedly suffered from Pneumonia symptoms. Despite it, he has not been shifted to the hospital. Later on, the condition of Dr. Sebi continued to worsen and we lost our legend in the transit to Vicente D’Antoni Hospital.

Controversies Over Dr. Sebi’s Death

The controversy of the death of Dr. Sebi is still hot in the air and it has got even wider after Nipsey Hussle’s murder. Nipsey Hussle was the man who was about to illuminate the incredible work of Dr. Sebi in front of the people of the nation. He was making a documentary to show the truth behind Dr. Sebi and the evil face of big pharmaceutical companies. He was also set to uncover truths behind court trials that have never been heard before. 

But before the release of his documentary he was shot to death in LA. 

“Before 30 minutes of his death, Nipsey Hussle tweeted “Having Strong Enemy Is A Blessing”. “

Nipsey Hussle

Many people now relate Nipsey Hussle’s murder to the documentary he was filming on the life of Dr. Sebi. 

Like many other supporters of Dr. Sebi Nipsey Hussle has also raised concerns about foul play in Dr. Sebi’s arrest and his death. He believes that big pharmaceutical entities created a conspiracy to silence the great legend. 

The big pharmaceutical firms want us to be ill so that they make billions. For them, “The Cure” means  “No disease No Money”. They don’t invest in cures rather suppress the symptoms and leave the root cause as it is. The disease again comes back to haunt you and you have no choice left but to pay for suppressive drugs. This loop goes your entire life until you die. 

Circumstances around Dr. Sebi’s death are also questionable. If Dr. Sebi wasn’t doing well, why did he lack immediate medical attention? Why did the police officials wait for the severe deterioration of Dr. Sebi’s health? 

The Relevance of Dr. Sebi’s Legacy

Dr. Sebi has passed away yet the legacy of Dr. Sebi is giving millions a reason to stay healthy and disease-free. His royal work in the field of herbs is incredible and it has threatened the big businesses of pharmaceutical companies. 

Dr. Sebi promotes healthy eating habits and the incorporation of valuable herbs to eliminate every disease and complication that your body is going through. Dr. Sebi strongly supported the detoxification of the body back in the 60s era and that legacy is now followed by many health professionals. 

Although the legend left us, his eternal work for humanity will always be remembered. He bravely fought the big pharmaceutical industry and government and busted their evil face. 

We can give Dr. Sebi true tribute by following his legacy and incorporating his knowledge into our lives.


Maverick Garcia is one of the few MDs in our organization with expertise in healing chronic ailments. He has been a part of the National Herpes Research Institute for more than 15 years. He backs healthy, plant-based eating. Mr. Garcia loves folk music and traveling through the night.

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