Maca Root: The One Herb With Incredible Health Secrets

The Maca Root Benefits

Health needs to be your first priority in life because if you lose your health, you become weak, and diseases start to affect you. Amidst the downfall of health, it becomes a challenging task for you to stay healthy.

People do exercises, adhere to healthy eating habits, quit smoking & avoid stress to stay healthy. 

They are undoubtedly great health backers, but most people normally lack the nutritional goodness of herbal plants. They do not usually incorporate herbs in their diet – evidence suggests they can help sweeten your health and keep illnesses aside. 

But what herb can you use, and how will it help your health?

Maca root has many nutritive and healing benefits, so choosing this herb can prove to be a wise idea for your health. 

What Is Maca Root?

Maca root originally belonged to Peru and is traditionally used as a food and medicinal herb. People call it “Peruvian Ginseng,” but it does not belong to a Ginseng family – it is a different plant. 

Experts claim Maca is a cruciferous root with a visible appearance similar to white radishes. 

Evidence from hundreds of research papers indicates that Maca Root is an amazing source of essential nutrients and that people can use it to boost their overall health.

In the USA, Maca Root is mainly found as a health supplement – you can usually find it in a Powder form or a Capsule – both are good ways to get the benefits of Maca Root. 

What Benefits Do You Get When You Consume Maca Root?

Let’s explore the benefits of Maca Root and why it is purported to be a super nutritional herb for you. 

Note: All the benefits are proven scientifically.

It is a very Potent Adaptogen

Adaptogenic herbs help you address all kinds of stress & get you a calm and peaceful mind. According to Adam, an integrative specialist at Dr. Sebi Journal, Maca Root is a widely accepted adaptogenic herb that benefits you during mental health crises.

The regular use of Maca Root helps you block the production of cortisol hormone and eases mental tension.

Different scientific evidence proves that Maca Root can boost cognitive function and protect the nerves of the brain from damage. Maca Root is found to be involved in preventing difficult-to-treat brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

It is also found that people who administer Maca root regularly can see significant growth in their energy levels – it is also useful for boosting your mood.

You Can Reclaim Your Manliness With Maca

In case you do not have sexual feelings left, then use Maca Root to rev up your sexual senses. Different research papers noticed substantial aphrodisiac activities in Maca Root.

It enhances sex hormones called testosterone and increases blood flow to the genitals – and treats erectile dysfunction in men.  A 2008 research paper concludes that Maca Root is also quite effective in sexual dysfunction in women after Menopause. 

Maca Root Boosts Fertility

We have ample evidence from different research papers to safely claim that Maca Root resuscitates fertility in both men and women. Andean people have used Maca Root to treat infertility and other associated issues.

A 2016 National Library of Medicine study reported that Maca Root improves sperm health. In another study, people who have consumed Maca Root regularly were found to have a notable increase in the concentration of sperm.

It has a lot of Iron, Potassium, Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamins, Amino acids, and Fiber. They all together can address a whole host of fertility issues.

Use Maca For Bone Health

Maca root is a good herb for bone health because it contains an important nutrient called polyunsaturated fatty acids. This mineral helps improve bone metabolism and prevents Osteoporosis development.

We have reported many incidents in the past where it was sworn by people that Maca root has caused a significant decrease in symptoms related to Osteoporosis.

An animal study in 2010 concluded that Maca roots could protect bone architecture and prevent them from being brittle.
In addition, macamides and macaenes, two of the unique fatty acids of Maca Root, help bone get stronger and preserve bone density as well.

Remember that Maca Root has bone-supporting calcium, which further supports the healthy formation of bone.

Boosts Your Immunity

Besides addressing bone-linked problems, Maca Root makes you a better fighter against the common cold and influenza.
Many studies reported that this herb helps hinder the growth of the influenza Virus. Consequently, the viral load reduces, and you get an opportunity to recuperate from the flu speedily.
Due to its advanced antioxidant activity, the consequences of free radicals minimize to a significant extent. It helps build your immune system and deters heart problems, diabetes, cancer, and eye diseases.

Maca Reduces Menopause Symptoms

Symptoms of Menopause can be increasingly bothersome in some women, but learning the techniques to deal with your condition can substantially reduce your suffering.
Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and depression are common symptoms you probably will face during Perimenopause.
However, you can choose Maca Root as a holistic remedy to alleviate menopausal symptoms.

A study has been done to determine if Maca Root is beneficial during Menopause – the study ended with the conclusion that Maca Root can be a good choice to control symptoms linked to Menopause.

How To Take Maca Root?

Maca Root is commercially available in the US – people use its powder to make the tincture. Sometimes, some people prefer to prepare maca Coffee to reap the benefits of this important herb.

People can also consume Maca Powder with plant-based milk like hemp seed milk. It is also available in capsule form, which you can take with water or again with milk.

Do You Face Side Effects If You Take Maca Root?

Most natural herbs do not present any side effects, so Maca Root is a safe herb you can take daily. However, it would be best to have it in recommended doses to prevent side effects.

Note: Maca Root has strong effects on Hormones, so it is advisable for Thyroid patients to avoid its consumption else you may experience side effects of Maca Root.

Peruvians have used it as a spice to bring earthy flavor to their meal. We have also noticed that people use Maca Root to make smoothies, and in that way, they squeeze health benefits out of Maca Powder.

What is the best time to take Maca Root?

Most herbal supplements go well when you consume them every morning and evening. However some people consider afternoon as the best time to take Maca root. Consult with your integrative expert for the timing to eat it.

Is Maca Root Safe During Pregnancy?

There has been a contention of opinion between experts on this particular matter. However, our experience say that 3 grams of Maca Root powder can be safely consumed during pregnancy. 

However, we strictly ask you to consult your registered dietitian before taking Maca root during pregnancy. 

Does Maca Root Make You Gain Weight?

Maca Root is a nutritionally dense herb that can benefit in your muscle building. It can for sure build you healthy muscles but it is not like you will get obese or gain weight heavily.

How long does it take for maca root to work?

The answer of this particular question differs person to person – for some people who have a better digestion can feel the difference within 20 to 30 days. For others Maca Root takes anywhere between 35 to 50 days to work. 

Can you take Maca Root and Ashwagandha concomitantly?

Both herbs are great sources of essential nutrients and are high in important medicinal benefits. Ashwagandha and Maca Root are safe herbs to consume together however, do consult your physician before taking them at the same time. 

Can You Use Maca As A Coffee?

Maca is a great alternative to coffee but it actually has no coffee in it. To make Maca coffee, people use the powder form of Maca and it holds significant nutritional features for your health. 


Maverick Garcia is one of the few MDs in our organization with expertise in healing chronic ailments. He has been a part of the National Herpes Research Institute for more than 15 years. He backs healthy, plant-based eating. Mr. Garcia loves folk music and traveling through the night.

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