Dr. Sebi Usha Village: The Future Of Natural Treatment

Dr Sebi USHA Village

Honduras is a place known to be the birthplace of Dr. Sebi – a person who learned to use the inherent goodness of nature to keep people healthy and disease-free. He was a hero among the general population because he had a cure for AIDS, Cancer, Lupus, Herpes, and many other deadly diseases. 

Reports claim that many noted celebrities got inspiration from the philosophy Dr. Sebi put forward before the world about the natural healing of diseases. TLC fame Lisa Left, Micheal Jackson, and Nipsey Hussle are among the top celebs who acknowledged Dr. Sebi’s great work for humanity.  

With so much fame and support, Dr. Sebi established USHA village in the late 90s here in Honduras to expedite the research. Since then, this healing village has been operational even after Dr. Sebi left us – helping people obtain optimal fitness.

USHA village is located on the northern sea coast of Honduras near La Ceiba, and thousands of people visit here every year to start their spiritual and health journey. They come here believing that the treatment at USHA village can cure them of all their health issues.

Most people who receive the treatment here have positive things to say about their experience in this healing center.

In this context, we interviewed a person (for privacy purposes, we are not revealing her name) who was treated successfully at this healing village. The first thing she recalls during the interview is the presence of nature everywhere. 

During the conversation, she recalled her memory and told us – “Nature is everywhere – you can find dense tropical trees, the relaxing sound of flowing water, and the heart-touching chirping of birds.” The USHA healing village is probably the best healing center I have ever visited. 

Talking about the treatment, we have been told that herbalists herein at USHA village use traditional methods to heal complex diseases – just like Dr. Sebi did. 

Dr. Sebi finds mucus a top cause for the development of all diseases – and according to him, it is impossible to cure diseases unless you eliminate the mucus from the body.

The same treatment concept is yet in use by the USHA village herbalist – and yes, I received a considerable difference in my voyage to natural healing. 

They use herbs like wildcrafted Sea Moss, Cinnamon, and Sarsaparilla to expel mucus from the body. In addition, the alkaline diet holds multiple anti-mucus properties that can prevent mucus buildup.

At USHA village, the treatment is entirely natural and based on the legacy of Dr. Sebi. They heal your body, mind, and soul and bring positive energy during treatment. 

Health experts put you on an alkaline diet, serve essential minerals, and treat you with advanced medicinal herbs. The purpose here is to eliminate all the toxic substances from your body and heal your body to the intra-cellular level – just like Dr. Sebi’s way. 

If I further talk about my 7 days in USHA village, I enjoyed the sauna bath at this healing center a lot. 

The mild, pleasing fragrance of water is sufficient to ease stress, anxiety, and all your worries. They use herbs in warm water to potentiate the medicinal values of the Sauna bath. 

Life is hectic today, and getting time for physical activities seems nearly impossible for most people. Nevertheless, here at USHA village, you will learn the significance of physical activities for optimal health. 

They have special classes that help you learn the correct way of doing yoga and meditation even if your life is so busy. 

During the visit to USHA village, one can easily interact with international patients looking to heal Asthma, Herpes, Migraines, Cancer, and other complex ailments. 

How Much Does USHA Village Costs You

“How much does it cost to go to USHA village” is perhaps the evergreen question people ask before visiting USHA village.

We want to make it known that the rates are always subject to change here, so visiting USHA village can cost you differently at two different times. It also can change depending on your needs and the promotional offers running during the visit to the USHA healing village.

However, a typical 7 days of stay can cost you around $1800, and remember that the travel expenses are additional.

We always recommend you ask for discounts or promotional offers to get this visit done at a discounted rate.


Maverick Garcia is one of the few MDs in our organization with expertise in healing chronic ailments. He has been a part of the National Herpes Research Institute for more than 15 years. He backs healthy, plant-based eating. Mr. Garcia loves folk music and traveling through the night.

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