Dr Sebi Cure For Herpes: An Important Discovery For A Better Future Against Herpes Infection

Dr. Sebi is so closely connected to nature, and according to him, there is no ailment you can't cure with natural herbs. He extensively researched top natural herbs to cure Herpes infection.

Dr Sebi Cure For Herpes

Herpes infection is now a disease of several billion – according to a very respected organization. It is an uncannily communicable infection responsible for causing episodes of nasty lesions. This contagious infection is attached with a strong societal stigma.

Today science uses antivirals of many kinds to treat symptoms and recurrences of Herpes infection. Yet the onset of herpes outbreaks is consistently seen in most herpes sufferers. In view of science, if you are infected with HSV, you must be on lifelong herpes medication.

Science has attempted to crack the HSV cure multiple times but is of no vail. They are yet to find a perfect herpes treatment that cures Herpes.

No western scientific institutions consider herbalism as a potential treatment for Herpes infection. They hate herbalism for no reason.

Despite the science hate Herbalism, there was a man who supported herbalism not only against the Herpes infection but for all ailments that exist today. He was the man behind the unexpected increase of herbalism in the USA. He was the great healer, Dr. Sebi.

This article aims to educate you about the endless possibilities of using herbs against the Herpes virus. You will also know how Dr. Sebi cured Herpes infection.

A Little About Dr. Sebi

Alfredo Bowman, popularly known as Dr. Sebi, was a herbalist who never went to any educational institution his entire life. His claim of curing deadly diseases went popular in no time in the USA. He claimed to have a cure Herpes, Cancer, and even HIV.

Many law enforcement organizations charged him for making a false claim, but the high court has set him free of all the allegations. He continued his herbal work, and later on, many renowned celebrities reported getting the treatment from Dr. Sebi. Lisa Lopes Eyes and Micheal Jackson were among the top famous stars Dr Sebi treated with his miraculous natural treatment.

Later on, he was again detained at the airport for carrying a high amount of cash. The officials asked Dr. Sebis’ family to provide the source of cash Dr. Sebi had. But his family could not fetch the required document for the release of Dr Sebi.

In prison, he reported suffering from pneumonia, which took Dr. Sebi away from us. Some people question the circumstances in which Dr. Sebi died. He passed away, but the message he passed on his population still lives in people’s hearts.

Dr Sebi Cure For Herpes | Dr. Sebi Principles On Herpes Cure

Dr. Sebi is so closely connected to nature, and according to him, there is no ailment you can’t cure with natural herbs. He extensively researched top natural herbs to cure Herpes infection. Dr Sebi also put forward the concept of the Alkaline Diet and its importance. The alkaline diet is based on eating alkaline foods while completely giving up on Acidic foods. Dr Sebi cure for Herpes only works if you follow an alkaline diet with some natural herbs – Sebi says in his interview. 

Dr. Sebi sees inflammation as a root cause for all diseases, including Herpes infection. Dr Sebi said that any accumulation of toxins could help the inflammation go up by many folds. Intracellular cleansing helps your body expel toxins out of the body.

To eradicate the inflammation, Dr. Sebi recommends electrical herbs with anti-inflammatory properties. The medicinal properties of Burdock greatly influenced Dr. Sebi. This herb falls under alkaline electric herb, and this herb, according to Dr Sebi, can be used to cure Herpes infection. It has a great potential in shrinking inflammation of any kind. Dr. Sebi also addressed the use of Sea Moss for enhancing your capacity to fight the Herpes infection. 

Iron deficiency is a common occurrence when fighting the Herpes Virus. This iron deficiency can weaken your internal defense system, and you may be left with multiple outbreaks. Dr Sebi said that Iron is the only mineral that attracts all other minerals. In one of his videos, he even said that you can’t fall ill if your body has sufficient Iron.

Dr. Sebi used Iron as a weapon to destroy the Herpes virus. He asked all his herpes patients to incorporate iron-rich alkaline herbs and diet. Dr. Sebi recommends Sarsaparilla as a potential source of Iron. 

He also established the USHA research institute to aggressively research herbs beneficial for humanity. According to Dr Sebi, Herpes cure is one of the significant cures he discovered.

Dr Sebi Cure For Herpes – The Current Perspective

At the time when Dr Sebi claimed to cure Herpes, no one believed him. But, the time he proved he had a cure in the court, ordinary people and many renowned celebrities reported getting treatment from the late Dr Sebi. This court win caused a sudden increase in Sebis’ popularity. Now Dr Sebi’s treatment for Herpes, AIDS, Sickle Cell Anemia, and Cancer has become popular in no time. 

Dr. Sebi died in 2016, but his legacy is continuously spreading globally. He taught the USA the importance of herbalism. Now more Americans have a positive impression of herbalism & veganism. More people now want to trust the concept of Dr Sebi Herpes cure. 

More scientific studies are being conducted to determine the potential health advantages of herbs and veganism against the Herpes virus. 

Many new natural herbs for Herpes have been scientifically validated and used globally. Hypericum Mysorense is a science-backed herb that kills the herpes virus. Chironia Krebsii is a South African herb recently tested for potent anti-herpes activities. Azadirachta Indica is preferably called “Neem” in South Asia and is a potent herb to treat herpes infection. Tinospora Cordifolia looks very promising in scientific studies to boost the immune function and makes you less susceptible to herpes breakouts.

Dr Sebi Cure For Herpes | A Better Future Awaits You

Western Medical Science has only one recommendation for dealing with the Herpes Virus – go on lifelong antiviral and suppressive therapy. Everyone knows the complications of chemical-based antivirals in the long run, but still, physicians recommend it. It is usually not feasible for all herpes sufferers to continue lifelong antiviral medication. All herpes hosts want a permanent cure for Herpes, but science has no permanent solution to it. Science tried many times to unfold the Herpes cure, but due to lack of funding and the pressure of big pharmaceuticals prevented the discovery of a cure. Most Herpes patients suffer complications their entire life. 

However, this is not the case in every herpes case. An independent health organization claimed that 4.8 million people have opted for natural treatment against the Herpes infection in the last two years. Of those, 87 percent of patients opted for Dr. Sebi Cure for Herpes. Further, of those 87 percent people, 95 percent of herpes patients find Dr. Sebi treatment for Herpes is very effective. This claim was made three years ago, and we await a fresh update on Herpes cure. 

Today, the relevance of natural treatment can’t be questioned. When modern medical science fails to deliver expected results, it is a holistic treatment that comes for a rescue.


Maverick Garcia is one of the few MDs in our organization with expertise in healing chronic ailments. He has been a part of the National Herpes Research Institute for more than 15 years. He backs healthy, plant-based eating. Mr. Garcia loves folk music and traveling through the night.

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