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ImmuneMe Giloy (Pack of 3)

ImmuneMe Giloy (Pack of 3)

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  1. ImmuneMe is for your immunity and boosts your competency against all diseases and infections.
  2. Giloy tablets have been produced using our patented technique “CIRE®” which retains the natural biochemical availability of the plant extracts.
  3. Herpes Wound: Accelerates healing of wounds caused by several infections such as herpes or any bacterial wounds.
  4. Antioxidant: Eliminate free radicals in your body and protect you from oxidative damage to cells. It eliminates toxic waste from the body.
  5. Anti-diabetic: It helps in regulating insulin production in your body, it also makes cells less insulin resistant.
  6.  Skin Health: It aids in the detoxification of your skin, anti-aging and can treat skin infection forthwith.
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How does ImmuneMe heal you

Boosts your immune system with ImmuneMe Giloy specifically produced to strengthen your immunity against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protists. In these testing times where bacteria and viruses are unfolding even more severe infections and diseases, as is Corona and Herpes, it’s your immune system going to take the charge against those pathogens.

ImmuneMe Giloy will support your immune system to come strong and prepared against a host of diseases and infections. People of any age and sex can take the elixir health advantage of this 100% pure and organic Giloy Tablets. The stems of Giloy have been used to prepare ImmuneMe Giloy tablets using our patented technique “CIRE®” which retains the biochemical availability of the plant in the production process.

It has been used for centuries in the treatment of a wide range of health conditions such as Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, Urinary Tract infections, Skin Infections, Asthma, and more. It can help modulate blood pressure and blood glucoseaccelerate wound healing, prevents seasonal allergies and is beneficial for those with high cholesterol.

Why ImmuneMe Giloy

Trusted research papers for Giloy

Research Gate

Tinospora cordifolia (Giloy) - Therapeutic Uses...


Tinospora cordifolia: One plant, many roles

Boosts Immunity

Phenolics, flavonoids, alkaloids, and tannins are some of the most important bio-active constituents responsible for powerful antioxidant activity in Giloy. These compounds fight free radicals, keep your cells healthy, purifies blood and fight against virus and bacteria.

Protects Liver

ImmuneMe Giloy is used to treat jaundice which facilitates easy flow of bile in obstructive lesions. It helps in promotion of liver regeneration thanks to its antioxidant and free radicals scavenging activities. It helps in maintaining normal metabolic functions.

Antiviral Activity

ImmuneMe Giloy is a potent antiviral that are particularly effective against retrovirus and other viral infections such as herpes and HIV. Tinospora Cordifolia has found to increase cytokine production and immune effector cells.

Inhibits HSV

In a clinical trial done by "International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences," Tinospora Cordifolia inhibited the growth of HSV by 61.43% which is a groundbreaking result for those with recurrent herpes outbreak.

Cures Skin Infections

Giloy is a true blood purifier and organ cleanser that removes toxicity and impurities out of the blood and organs. Several skin ailments the likes of eczema, skin allergies, dark circles, acne, itching have successfully been cured with the use of this elixir herb.

Treats Blood Sugar

Giloy is a metabolic elixir that  helps in regulate metabolism in your body. It controls the blood sugar levels in your body. It stimulates insulin production in your body, hence aiding to healthy glucose levels in your blood.

Consumer Study

30 children between the age group 6-8 years were taken in trial with a mean weight 19.99 (+- 1.59 kg) . They were given Tinospora Cordifolia juice for 3 months.

The finding suggested that juice of TC is safe and effective herbal formulation for children growth. The juice is significantly effective in the child growth as it increased height, weight and hematological values in child subjects.

How to take/use ImmuneMe

Morning Dose

Take 2 ImmuneMe tabs with lukewarm water after breakfast.

Night Dose

  1. Take 2 ImmuneMe tabs with lukewarm water after dinner.

Please avoid taking if you are

Pregnant or lactating women should avoid taking ImmuneMe as not much research has been done on the safety profile of Giloy on pregnant and lactating females. If you still want to take it, we recommend consulting with registered medical practitioner and discuss with them the safety profile of this herb during pregnancy.

It boosts your immune system manifold. Therefore, if you are suffering from any autoimmune disorders, please avoid taking this herb. You should also avoid its use if you are taking immuno-suppressants.


If you are taking medicine to reduce blood sugar levels, please avoid taking ImmuneMe Giloy.

If you are suffering from any autoimmune condition such as multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and rheumatoid arthritis, please avoid its use.

Ingredients used in pureashwa

Tinospora Cordifolia stems

The stems of Tinospora Cordifolia is abundant in dozens of bio-active compounds and phytochemicals. Studies have revealed that the stems of Giloy is the most important part when it comes to extracting highly beneficial medicinal compounds.

Safety profile of ImmuneMe

100% Vegetarian | No artificial color or preservatives  | Sugar free

Clinically approved herbs & ingredients

100% vegetarian

100% safe to consume

No artificial color or preservatives

Gluten & Gelatin Free, non GMO

Our customers love ImmuneMe

ImmuneMe Giloy giloy stem pills



This stuff worked on me!!!!

I have regularly  been taking ImmuneMe for past 3-4 months, it has a great effect on my immunity. THANKS DR SEBI TEAM for this wonderful herb.

Windsor, 22

ImmuneMe Giloy giloy stem pills



customer for life

When using “dr sebi journal” I can be sure of the quality of product I receive. They are very generous and so generous is the “immuneme giloy.” It helped suppressed my HSV viral count significantly in just 3 weeks.

Becky Murphy, 27

ImmuneMe Giloy giloy stem pills



I am nearly 65

Things don’t work sometimes when you are old. My immune is too weak, I decided giving a try to Giloy, my god, it work wonders for me. My ankle pain gone, immunity better. HAPPY WITH RESULTS….

Roxanne, 56

Any Query?

Your satisfaction thrills us because we strive for perfection!!!

No one is perfect though, neither are we.

If you have any query or doubts, feel free to reach us out. Our customer support team is available 24/7.

Meanwhile you  can explore some of the frequently asked questions about Bacopa Monniera (Brahmi).

FAQ about the product

ImmuneMe is an extract of Giloy stems that has been converted into pill form for ease intake. It consists of several bio-active compounds beneficial for immune system, liver, blood and viral infections.

ImmuneMe is normally safe to consume and you can take it daily for up to 18-24 weeks.

ImmuneMe is generally safe to consume and no adverse event has ever been linked to Giloy except some common short term effects such as constipation, stomach irritation etc.

ImmuneMe is safe for children over 14 years. It is a great tonic that enhances overall physical and psychological performance in children.

Though, we recommend consulting with registered medical practitioner before taking ImmuneMe.

ImmuneMe is a safe herb to take everyday for up to 24 weeks, but be remembered not to exceed your recommended dose. 

ImmuneMe is a metabolic regulator and can help reduce blood glucose levels if you are hyperglycemic. High fiber and protein availability in Giloy make it diabetic friendly herb.

No, its not addictive at all. There is no case of addiction reported till date.

It may take as little as 7-10 weeks to see notable improvements.

Although, it is a safe herb for everyone, not much research have been done on the efficacy  or safety profile in pregnant females, therefore, we recommend consulting qualified practitioner before taking Giloy.

Delivery & storage questions

Right after we receive your order, we start processing it. It may take us up to 48 hours (excluding weekends) to ship your product. We take utmost measures and practices to ensure hygiene and cleanliness of the product you ordered.

No. None of the information even the product name is not written in the shipping parcel to ensure your privacy. We respect your medical privacy, therefore, we don't allow any practice which might reveal your personal business to anyone.

To ensure your own medical privacy and safety, we use plain boxes to pack and ship your product. The product you will be receiving, therefore, might or might not be as shown in the product image. The product images might be indicative and the actual product packaging might be different from the product images.

You can store the supplements at room temperature 25-28 degrees C (77-82 degrees F) with no exposure to direct/indirect sunlight and humidity. It should also be protected from the influence of external environment factors.

Simply no. The product should be stored at room temperature 25-28 degrees C (77-82 degrees F).

We use best practices to ensure all our products be delivered safely to our customers. That is why we use best-in-class plastic bottles to prevent any kind of damage to the product. We don't use glass bottle as they are fragile and is not considered best practices to use glass jar for the shipment.

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