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Iron Blood Booster (Purified Calcined Iron)

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  1. Cures Iron Deficiency (Anemia), promotes and creates red blood cells, improves haemoglobin.
  2. It will boost your immune system and strength.
  3. Increases the flow of blood in genital, hence, making it highly beneficial for impotent people, it cures impotency.
  4. If you are over extra pounds, Iron Blood Booster will help you cut those pounds. It is a natural fat burner.
  5. It helps in regulating the insulin production in your body.
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Iron Blood Booster from Dr. Sebi Journal offers you scientifically balanced calcined iron that supports the iron requirements of your body. An iron supplement that cures all your blood issues. Dr. Sebi has termed Iron as the most important mineral and whoever is sick is anemic. Dr. Sebi has emphasized adequate intake of Iron. It is impossible for you to get sick if you are up-on iron.

If you are on intermittent iron deficiency, short of Haemoglobin, or if your body isn’t absorbing enough iron from the food you take, Iron Blood Booster will significantly improve the amount of iron in your blood, create red blood cells, and Haemoglobin.

Iron is a sexual booster as well and can help with impotency due to the fact that it accelerates the stream of oxygenated red blood cells into the genitals. It helps in boosting the immunity, strength, memory, and digestive capabilities of your body.




Calcined Iron (Iron Ash), Herbal Juices, Triphala

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