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Vitex Negundo (Nirgundi, Chaste Tree), Seeds, Leaf, Root

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  1. Treats joint pain, muscle pain, arthritis pain, ear pain, headache, backache.
  2. Stops menstrual cramps and excessive menstrual bleeding.
  3. Regulates menstrual cycle.
  4. Controls premature ejaculation and also enhances the male libido.
  5. Anti-inflammatory, expectorant, tranquilizer, antispasmodic, anti convalesant, rejuvenative.
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Do you know what’s sucky about conventional painkiller medicines? Liver damage, respiratory depression, constipation, stomach bleeding, and even death are likely if painkillers are taken continuously or if there is an instance of painkiller abuse. What these conventional painkillers do is that they block the nervous system from processing the pain signals to the brain. They don’t work on fixing the underlying cause of the pain, instead, they block the pain signals.

Sacrificing your health is no fun in wake of conventional drugs, the real fun is with Vitex Negundo, a natural, 100% organic analgesic herb that has been scientifically proven to reduce and treat joint pain, muscles aches, arthritis pain, menstrual cramps, ear pain, headache, backache, etc. Be it any kind of pain in any part of your body, this 100% organic and pure herb will help you cope and alleviate pain responses of your body, and yes, with no side effects at all. Now you don’t have to suffer pain or the side effects of biomedicines as Vitex Negundo will help you cut down on doses of those painkillers.

This miraculous herb is widely used to control premature ejaculation and enhances stamina and male libido. Both men and women have the opportunity to fix their sexual hormonal imbalances.

Vitex Negundo, otherwise known as Chaste Tree is exceptionally good at regulating the menstrual cycle and preventing excessive vaginal discharge. You can buy Vitex Negundo right from Dr. Sebi Journal Store Website. There are other 100s of uses of Chaste Tree and for reference, you can follow this link.

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Seed, Root, Leaf

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