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Dr. Sebi
Herpes Cure

prokit is an advanced scientifically proven herpes cure formula based on principles of Dr. Sebi, the GREAT HEALER.

“A society that keeps CURES a secret so they can continue to sell medication for huge PROFITS is not a real society but a HUGE MENTAL ASYLUM.”

Dr. Sebi

Unhealthy Eating (Standard American Diet) Profoundly Impacts The Way Your Body Processes Nutrition

The High-Fat Deep Fried Food Culture is Delicious But Has Deadly Consequences. Obesity Rates Have Been Going Up Very Rapidly in The United States Due to Poor Selection of Foods.

The Economics of an Average American Food Structure is Completely Working Against Public Health.

117 Million
117 Million

US Adults Have 1 Or More Chronic Diseases. About 40% Of Total American Adult Population Are Suffering From 2+ Chronic Conditions. Most Of Those Chronic Conditions Are Diet Related.

Fewer Than 1 In 10 Adults & Children
Fewer Than 1 In 10 Adults & Children

Meet The Daily Recommended Dose of Vegetables While 1 In 7 Adults Fulfil The Requirement Of Fruits.

42.4% American Adults
42.4% American Adults

Have Found To Be Obese In 2017-18. Obesity Is Associated With More Than 60 Chronic Conditions Including Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Alzheimer's, Type 2 Diabetes And End-Stage Renal Disease.

$700 Billions

Annually is being spent in medical cost for diet-induced chronic ailments alone in The United States. $147B in obesity, $245B in Type 2 Diabetes and $316B in Heart Diseases.

Inspiring Stories

The Inspiring Health Stories of Real People

Generation XXL” (Season 2, Ep. 18) | Our America with Lisa Ling
Facing The Fat: Fasting For 50 Days (Health Documentary) | Real Stories
Teach Every Child About Food, Grab Opportunity to Healthy Nutrition


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