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Electric Sarsaparilla- For Cancer, Fertility, Skin & Blood Problems

Electric Sarsaparilla- For Cancer, Fertility, Skin & Blood Problems

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  1. treats a range of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, cold sores, and dry skin flaking
  2. treats infertility and impotency, increases sperm count and quality
  3. subsides iron deficiency
  4. suppresses/treats herpes
  5. suppresses cancer, decrease tumor growth
  6. works on the root of arthritis pain
  7. detoxifies liver, kidney, gut, and blood, protects against liver injury
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How does electric sarsaparilla heal you

According to Dr. Sebi, no matter the disease you are suffering, you are always anemic (loss of red blood cells). Iron helps in transporting oxygen to the brain and if your body is deficient in iron, your body loses a significant amount of energy in transporting the oxygen to the brain.

As Sarsaparilla, according to dr Sebi is the highest concentrated plant for iron, it will help you overcome iron deficiency and strengthen your immune system.

Aromatic aldehydes and their derivatives, phenolics, triterpenoids and many others are the proven bio-active compounds of sarsaparilla that have provided surprising results in infertility, impotency, increasing sperm count and liver injury protection.

Sarsaparilla is a powerful skin healer and is used in treating psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, cold sores, and dry skin flaking. Clinical studies have demonstrated dramatic improvement in skin lesions with Psoriasis.

Other inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, joint inflammation, and pain associated with inflammatory conditions have also been successfully treated with this herb.

Why electric sarsaparilla

Trusted research papers for sarsaparilla

Research Gate

A Review on Indian Sarsaprilla, Hemidesmus indicus (L.) R.Br


Indian Sarsaparilla (Hemidesmus indicus)...

Beneficial for your skin

Sarsaparilla contains polyphenols, tannins, triterpenoids and many other core bio-active elements beneficial for your ill skin. It helps you with psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, flaking skin, wound healing and many other skin-related afflictions.

Sexual & Reproductive Functions

Alkaloids, phenols, tannins and essential amino acids in Sarsaparilla treats and cure sexual dysfunction, treats impotency, enhances semane quality and improves premature ejaculation. It increases fertility in men and women.

Promotes Iron & Blood

Sarsaparilla is an electric herb and has the highest concentration of plant-based iron. Iron helps in production of blood. It will  help you eliminate toxins from the blood, increase blood flow in your brain and productive body parts. 

Suppresses Cancer

Flavonoids, alkaloids, and phenylpropanoids are some of the core bioactive compounds (catechin, astilbin, isoastilbin, taxifolin, apigenin etc.) in Sarsaparilla that have remarkably inhibited the growth of broad spectrum of cancer.

Whole Body Detox

Sarsaparilla helps in whole body detoxification. Free radicals and nitric oxide if not eliminated can be fatal to your overall wellbeing, and of course, the kidneys. It protects your liver from injury, purify blood and detox your colon.

Consumer Study

A Korean-based study that included a group of people suffering from skin-related problems, this study concluded sarsaparilla to be highly beneficial for your skin and blood. The root extract of Sarsaparilla significantly exhibited antioxidant activities in volunteers. It also showed anti-ageing properties.

Another study in India was done on patients suffering from sexual disfunctions and impotency, the group did not only attained a better sexual satisfaction but also a great relief in sexual disorders.

Several other studies suggest that Sarsaparilla extracts can slow the growth & migration of cancer cells and even eliminate the cancer cells. It increases cancer cell death and promotes beneficial changes in cancer cell.

How to take/use sarsaparilla

sarsaparilla dose

take 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of sarsaparilla powder extract.

mix it

now take half a glass of lukewarm water, add some date sugar and mix it well. put sarsaparilla powder in the water and mix it with a fine consistency

take it

 now you can take this solution

Please avoid taking if you are

A pregnant or lactating women

There is not enough scientific data available on the safety profile of electric sarsaparilla for pregnant or lactating women. We recommend avoid taking this herb to be on the safer side.

On some specific drugs

sarsaparilla can interact with certain drugs/medicines such as Digoxin (Lanoxin), Lithium. Therefore, we recommend consulting with a registered medical practitioner before taking this herb if you are on drugs.

Kidney Patient

Avoid taking electric sarsaparilla if your kidneys are impaired as it may worsen your kidney disease.


Some reports suggest dust particles of powdered form of sarsaparilla may exacerbate asthma conditions.


It acts as diuretic, you may need to urinate frequently, so we recommend not to use electric sarsaparilla if your are dehydrated.

Ingredients used in electric sarsaparilla

Sarsaparilla root

Sarsaparilla root contains a unique chemical structure that stabilizes free-radicals in the body and high levels of iron present in sarsaparilla helps with blood production. Phenolic compounds such as stilbenes, flavones, smiglasides and other chemical agents for the treatment of neurodegenerative, skin related problems.

Sarsaparilla rhizome

The rhizome parts of sarsaparilla are specifically beneficial for sexual disorders/dysfunctions. The natural chemical compounds of rhizome called hexane, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate which scavenges free-radicals, increase flow of blood.

Sarsaparilla stems

Sarsaparilla stems also contain powerful bio-active compounds such as phenolics, triterpenoids, aromatic aldehydes and their extracts that protect neurons, cardio and properties such as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-ulcerogenic protects you from dozens of inflammatory, ulcerogenic diseases.

Safety profile of electric sarsaparilla

100% Vegetarian | No artificial color or preservatives  | Sugar free

Clinically approved herbs & ingredients

100% vegetarian

100% safe to consume

No artificial color or preservatives

Gluten & Gelatin Free, non GMO

Our customers love electric sarsaparilla

propericum Hypericum Mysorense product

electric sarsaparilla


Amazing Blood Tonic

I am a regular customer of irregular menstrual cycle, I bleed heavy during menstruation, used to suffer heavy blood loss before Dr Sebi came to my rescue. Now my blood levels are normal.

Jalen, 27

propericum Hypericum Mysorense product

electric sarsaparilla


Worked against cancer

Electric sarsaparilla suppressed and almost stopped the growth of tumor in my humerus. completely satisfied with their product.

Carter Nova, 39

propericum Hypericum Mysorense product

electric sarsaparilla


Best for sexual problems

I was suffering from oligospermia. It increased my sperm count from 8 million sperms per milliliter of semen to 25 million in just 2 weeks.

Darijus  Andres, 23

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No one is perfect though, neither are we.

If you have any query or doubts, feel free to reach us out. Our customer support team is available 24/7.

Meanwhile you  can explore some of the frequently asked questions about Bacopa Monniera (Brahmi).

FAQ about the product

What is Electric Sarsaparilla?

Electric sarsaparilla is a fine pulverized form of Sarsaparilla root/rhizome/stems extract. The extracts we select are of high quality, freshly picked & dried, 100% pure, free from any kind of toxicity.

How long should you take Sarsaparilla?

There is insufficient scientific data available to answer it exactly. We observed the pattern for years, and we empirically can say that 6-18 weeks might be the safe window.

Is there any side-effects of Electric Sarsaparilla?

Sarsaparilla is generally safe and most of the people don’t experience significant adverse effects. There are no known side effects of Sarsaparilla. Though, some people may experience stomach irritation due to too much of saponins intake.

What is the pH profile of Electric Sarsaparilla?

Like most of the herbs, sarsaparilla is also has pH value greater than 7 which makes this plant alkaline.

Is Electric Sarsaparilla addictive?

No, its not addictive at all. There is no case of addiction reported till date.

Is Electric sarsaparilla effective?

There are several scientific studies that recommend using the plant extracts of this herb to treat skin infections, sexual disorders, blood problems and cancer. It protects your liver form oxidative damage, and is a great anxiolytic. So yes, it is effective.

How long does it take for electric sarsaparilla to work?

It may take as little as 4-5 weeks to see improvements. The time it takes to work depends on number of factors such as age, existing health conditions.

Delivery & storage questions

How is the product shipped and delivered?

Right after we receive your order, we start processing it. It may take us up to 48 hours (excluding weekends) to ship your product. We take utmost measures and practices to ensure hygiene and cleanliness of the product you ordered.

Are the product labels, ingredients or the disease indications written in the shipping parcel?

No. None of the information even the product name is not written in the shipping parcel to ensure your privacy. We respect your medical privacy, therefore, we don’t allow any practice which might reveal your personal business to anyone.

Can I aspect the same packaging as shown in the product image/s?

To ensure your own medical privacy and safety, we use plain boxes to pack and ship your product. The product you will be receiving, therefore, might or might not be as shown in the product image. The product images might be indicative and the actual product packaging might be different from the product images.

Where and how can I store herbs?

You can store the supplements at room temperature 25-28 degrees C (77-82 degrees F) with no exposure to direct/indirect sunlight and humidity. It should also be protected from the influence of external environment factors.

Can I refrigerate herbs?

Simply no. The product should be stored at room temperature 25-28 degrees C (77-82 degrees F).

Are the powders, capsules or tablets packed in plastic or glass bottle?

We use best practices to ensure all our products be delivered safely to our customers. That is why we use best-in-class plastic bottles to prevent any kind of damage to the product. We don’t use glass bottle as they are fragile and is not considered best practices to use glass jar for the shipment.

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