Harnessing The Goodness Of Irish Sea Moss – The Superfood Dr. Sebi Loved Greatly

A standard American diet is a paramount factor for obesity in America. And obesity is a leading factor for a host of deadly ails including but not limited to cancer, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, mental illnesses, gallbladder diseases and sleep apnea. Just relinquishing a common American diet may benefit you and cut your chances of these illnesses.

Irish seamoss

Kim Kardashian, an American reality star, loves adding Organic Sea Moss to her smoothie and calls it a superfood. Otherwise, coined as Irish Sea Moss has also earned big love from a well-known healer Dr. Sebi. Nutritionally rich and an incredible source of critical phytochemicals, it has drawn the attention of the world’s scientific community. Studies upon studies are now validating the mystical healing powers of Sea Moss and that in the well-being space, only a few foods hold Sea Moss like dignity. Organic sea moss is also among the top foods Dr. Sebi recommended. Did you ever ponder, why this food gained so much popularity? 

What Is Sea Moss?

Call it Seaweed, Algae, or Purple Sea Moss, it is one of the trendy foods grown on different rocky shorelines of the Atlantic Ocean. The color of Sea Moss often remains red, though, purple sea moss is also seen oftentimes. Other color shades of Irish Sea Moss include black, brown, green, and yellow.

It is a type of Sea Vegetable that has a rich history of its use as a medicinal plant. Archeologists estimate that humans have been wildcrafting Sea Moss for about 14000 years and that the evidence of its medicinal use is traceable in 600 BC.

It has become an increasingly popular alkaline vegetable when dr. Sebi introduced its appealing health benefits. Since then, Dr. Sebi and Sea Moss together have gone a long way. Dr. Sebi has passed away but Sea Moss continues to pass its immense healing benefits to his adherents.  

What Science Says About Sea Moss | The Benefits Of Sea Moss

What does Sea Moss do to your body? Is it scientifically proven for medicinal use? Does Sea Moss have side effects? Let’s try to find out what science has to say about dr. Sebi recommended Sea Moss. 

Irish Sea Moss holds up an irresistible nutritional profile in it. This Seaweed is a concentrated source of magnesium, iron, folate, protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. Purple Sea moss is also an excellent source of agar and carrageenan which provides additional gifts to your fitness. 

Available study papers and ongoing reviews support its use for medicinal purposes.  Containing an array of unique bioactive compounds, the purple sea moss renders a profound healing touch to your health. 

Immune Modulating Potential

A study that was published in this journal identifies the strong immune supporting potential of this seaweed. According to this study, organic sea moss augments your immune system’s ability to identify the infected part and efficiently transmit the antigen to this site. The anti-inflammatory activity of Dr. Sebi Sea Moss also helps our immune system to function more properly. It is also phenomenal at facilitating T-cells production – T-cells are core components of your immunity. 

Sea Moss For Heart Health

We also want to give light to the heart-healthy benefits of Sea Moss. Some studies have well documented the blood-thinning and LDL lowering phytochemicals of Seaweeds. In Japan, deaths related to Cardiovascular disease are considerably low. Scientists attribute this low mortality rate to the adequate consumption of Seaweeds. Thereby, it is a superfood consideration just in case you are looking for a heart-healthy dietary change. 

Anti-Carcinogenic Effect

The anticancer properties of Sea Moss are promising in preventing cancer and for acquiring better treatment outcomes. Dr. Sebi approved Sea Moss long back for treating a range of Carcinogenic ails. A study was conducted to determine the cause for low cancer rates in Asia. It is noted that the person who consumed a Seaweed rich diet comparably had a lower risk of cancer than those who followed the stereotypical American diet. 

Even Seaweed like purple Sea moss is effective at preventing Breast and Thyroid cancer as well. Significantly lower rates of lung cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, prostate cancer, and stomach cancer are seen in people who consume seaweed. A Seaweed “Bryopsis” is patented for lung Cancer treatment and its second trial is currently ongoing. 

Prevents You Being Obese

A standard American diet is a paramount factor for obesity in America. And obesity is a leading factor for a host of deadly ails including but not limited to cancer, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, mental illnesses, gallbladder diseases and sleep apnea. Just relinquishing a common American diet may benefit you and cut your chances of these illnesses.

Organic Sea Moss is a concentrated source of dietary fiber which is directly linked to cutting your body fat. It also benefits weight loss because it is relatively short in calories.  Seaweed also looks high in alginate that makes metabolism healthy, decreases the absorption of glucose, and prevents you from being overweight. Its ability to amplify gut-friendly bacteria further supports a healthy weight. 

May Reverse Diabetes

If you examine the scientific research papers on Irish Sea moss and diabetes care – you will learn that fucoxanthin proactively regulates blood glucose levels. Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid that gives Irish moss a purple-red hue. Its ability to aid in your body’s sensitivity to insulin further augments the reversing of Diabetes. It prevents the rise in your blood glucose levels. You can use a sea moss supplement or sea moss gel to get help in reversing your diabetes. 

For A Healthy Brain

According to Dr. Sebi, Sea Moss has a direct beneficial effect on your psychological well-being. In a study, red Seaweed (Irish Sea Moss) yielded neuroprotective action which is important for avoiding degenerative brain disorders.  Purple sea moss holds anxiolytic activities which prevent anxiety, stress, and depression. The preliminary study supports its medicinal use for Parkinson’s disease as well. The antioxidants of Irish Sea Moss make you tolerant to oxidative stress and slow down the advancement of brain disorders. 

Other Phenomenal Benefits of Irish Sea Moss

Due to its high content of Iodine, you can rediscover your thyroid health with it. For the appropriate function of the thyroid gland and to release thyroid hormones, your body needs this important mineral. Lacking this mineral may attract hypothyroidism, goiter, and intellectual disability. 

To let his followers get the prebiotic effects of Sea Moss, Dr. Sebi asks them to incorporate this superfood into their daily diet routine. It is a scientifically established food for improving your gut microbiome. It fosters healthy bacteria as well. 

Dr. Sebi Take On Sea Moss

I will reckon him the truest healer of all time. Doctor Sebi is the person who acknowledged the true medicinal possibilities of the Irish Sea Moss. He also is the man behind the resurgence of the Irish Sea Moss era – that’s pretty correct. 

According to Dr. Sebi, Sea Moss has a host of therapeutic benefits. He expressed in one of his videos that organic Sea Moss has all of the minerals beneficial for your health. It grows onto a rock and amasses all its nutrients from it. Dr. Sebi considers it an energy-providing food. It can further benefit you by feeding your muscles and brain cells. 

It is also good for increasing testosterone levels in your body which is linked to a healthy sexual life. He once said that every reproductive organ loves it. Like scientists, Dr. Sebi also acknowledged the Iodine content of Irish Sea Moss and that it can benefit the thyroid gland and endocrine system. 

Doctor Sebi studied the benefits of Sea moss for the lungs. He found its potent expectorant and cleansing properties that potentially expel mucus from the lungs.

Real Sea Moss Vs Fake – The Difference

There are tons of vendors and companies out there that put sea moss for sale and many of them sell fake sea moss products. They do so to make a profit out of it.  Buying fake sea moss may do a lot of harm to your health with zero nutritional benefits. 

Dr. Sebi attentively addressed this problem of a common man and explained the distinction between real sea moss vs fake sea moss. 

According to Dr. Sebi, Wildcrafted sea moss is the real sea moss. They are grown naturally with more than 90 minerals. The very characteristic feature of real sea moss is that wildcrafted sea moss provides mucilage in a smaller quantity but fake seam moss has a lot of mucilage production. 

You find salt residue or no salt at all on to a wildcrafted sea moss but fake sea moss has more salt on it. When it comes to the size of real sea moss vs fake, you always see wildcrafted Sea moss be thin but this is not the case with fake Sea moss. 

Also, wildcrafted sea moss has a dried texture but pool-grown sea moss has wet and moist characteristics.

How To Use Sea Moss

Now that you’re well informed about its health benefits, how do you consume Sea Moss gel? How safe is it to take a Sea moss pill every day? And the paramount question is how much sea moss gel to take daily? 

There are plenty of ways you actually can use Purple Sea Moss in your daily dietary routine. The most convenient way to use sea moss is by buying a genuine raw sea moss and preparing sea moss gel out of it. If you do it correctly you will see that preparing sea moss is pretty straightforward. 

Preparing Sea Moss Gel*

Buy sea moss (buy Wildcrafted sea moss only) from a reputable store – yeah! you’ll get the real sea moss from there. Clean it thoroughly with spring or mineral water. Cleaning is mandatory because Sea moss does come from Sea where impurities are predictable. You can give sea moss a gentle massage to eliminate any dust or pollutant out there. 

When you are done with the cleaning part, soak it into spring water for roughly 12 to 24 hours. Now put soaked Sea Moss and spring water into a blender and blend it until it gets converted into a sea moss gel. Put it in the refrigerator and take 1 teaspoon every day. 

The majority of people find the taste of sea moss overpowering and for this reason, they mix sea moss gel into smoothies, soup, and other different dishes. Many people prefer to infuse Dr. Sebi-approved fruits while preparing Sea moss gel. 

When one of his followers asked Dr. Sebi about its bad taste and smell, Dr. Sebi instructed her to put Hemp Seed milk with some vanilla and a little bit of cinnamon. According to dr. Sebi, sea moss gel will become enriched with taste if you follow the above-said hack. 

Pro-Tip – Do not boil Irish sea moss or its powder as it burns all nutritional values it contains.

People also prefer to take Sea moss pills every day to avoid its bad taste.  Alternatively, you can also ingest Sea Moss powder but it must not contain any preservatives or chemicals. Add sea moss powder to a smoothie or just ingest it with spring water. 

You can also consider different sea moss recipes to get its health benefits while avoiding its bad smell. 

What are the Side Effects of Sea Moss?

Sea Moss is an increasingly healthy food promoting the health of millions. Though, many ask whether Irish Sea Moss is safe to consume. If you have concerns about its untoward side effects here’s what you need to know about. 

The side effects of Sea Moss might occur if you don’t take it in an acceptable amount. If you take the recommended dose the sea moss side effects do not occur. 

Excess of anything is bad for you even if you drink water and the same thing also applies to Sea Moss. Taking a heavy amount of Sea moss may irritate your stomach and possibly make you poop. It might cause drowsiness and a burning sensation in your mouth. Vomiting is also a potential side effect of Sea moss. The person who takes blood-thinning medication need not take Sea moss due to possible drug interaction. 

Allergic reaction is also feasible with purple sea moss or with any other seaweed. Check out if you are allergic to it and if you do, avoid eating Sea Moss.

Final Note 

Sea moss in its natural form has substantial health benefits. It is available in many forms including Sea Moss Gel, Sea Moss Pills, and Raw sea moss. Due to its highly valued nutritional profile, it is the top food on Dr. Sebi’s food list. Before you consume Sea Moss make sure it is not fake and is wildcrafted. If it is not real it is of no vail.

Where Does Sea Moss Come From?

Sea Moss is an algae plant that comes from the sea. But, since it is being made commercial it may be grown in a pool or places similar to it. The pool-grown Sea moss is genetically modified thus it adds no value to your health instead damages it. Only prefer adding sea moss to your diet that comes from the sea.

Which Sea Moss Is The Best?

Dr. Sebi welcomes its followers to eat wildcrafted and organic Sea moss. After all, it is the best sea moss, Dr. Sebi has approved. Sea moss may vary in color like being purple, red, brown, green, or even black.

What is Sea Moss Pills good for?

Sea Moss benefits health in a multidimensional way. From your head to toe, it has something to deliver with its nutritional powers. It amplifies your gut and heart health to the next level. It increases your fertility and heightens sexual desire.

Does Sea Moss Detox Your Body?

Yes, it is helpful for your whole body detoxification as it expels out mucus from your lungs. It purifies vitiated blood and unclogs heart arteries. It augments your body’s ability to transfer oxygen-rich blood to different body parts. All are signs of body detoxification.

Does Sea Moss Make You Poop?

It is only the case when you eat it in excess or your stomach is intolerant to it. It may irritate your stomach and possibly make you poop after eating it. It is self-resolving in nature and does not have lasting effects.

How Long Does Sea Moss Last?

Several factors can influence the shelf life of Sea Moss. If you are talking about Irish sea moss gel and if it is in the refrigerator you can expect its shelf life of up to a month. However, dried sea moss has a bit longer shelf life up to three and a half months. We recommend you not to hold sea moss gel for a longer time as it deteriorates over time.

What diseases do sea moss cure?

Sea moss has 92 minerals out of 102 that nourish every cell of our body. It is scientifically proven and Dr. Sebi recommended food that reverses diabetes, restores immune function, and prevents Herpes outbreaks, cancer, and many other fatal diseases.

Who Should Not Take Sea Moss?

People who are taking blood-thinning medication should not take Irish sea moss. Also, women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding need to avoid this food.

Can You Take Sea Moss Capsules Every Day At Night?

Sea moss is a safe superfood you can take every day at any time. However, you need not exceed more than 4 capsules in a single day. It is better to avoid eating it on an empty stomach. Eat something alkaline and then give your stomach a sea moss boost.


Maverick Garcia is one of the few MDs in our organization with expertise in healing chronic ailments. He has been a part of the National Herpes Research Institute for more than 15 years. He backs healthy, plant-based eating. Mr. Garcia loves folk music and traveling through the night.

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