6 Unsung Herbs That’s A+ For Sexual Health- And Yes, They’re Alkaline

Sexual Herbs

Sex is a beautiful feeling & everyone loves it. It helps you fulfill your sexual desires & gives your relationship a healthy boost. Sex is actually a core element for a lasting relationship as well. Plus, sex is incredibly beneficial for your health.

But what if you stop receiving this beautiful sexual feeling? What does this mean to you?

You can’t enjoy sex if the sexual feeling is absent in you. It surely is an unwelcome host you never want to be with. Low libido is inherently dangerous for your sexual competence & relationship.

I am a sexologist and an intimacy expert – I know how critical it is to maintain your male balance. After all, sex is a center for sexual pleasure and health. 

The good thing about your sexuality is – you can reclaim your sexual health with natural aphrodisiacs. 

Dr. Sebi believed that curing erectile dysfunction with the right nutrition is the key. He was a renowned herbalist and a healer. According to Dr. Sebi, the male balance has a lot to do with your sexual satisfaction. Therefore, Dr. Sebi did make a treatment for erectile dysfunction and other sexual weaknesses.

We will help you select Dr. Sebi’s recommended & scientifically validated herbs to balance male hormones. They are incredible sex boosters for some good reasons. 

Allow me first to make you informed about factors accountable for a low sex drive and.

Why Do People Lack Sexuality?

You may stop receiving sexual feelings if for any reason your Libido falls down. Tons of causative factors can be a culprit for a deteriorated male balance. 

BBC Radio live questioned 2066 British adults about their sexual life and complications. Most adults noded with yes that stress causes a decline in their sexual well-being – the noded percentage was 45.

Another scientific research paper relates sleeping disorders to be the leading cause of Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and scant sex drive. You also can’t be good at sex if snags are taking over your relationship.

Erectile dysfunction in teenagers is often a result of stress, insecurities about their jobs, and depression. The data taken from this journal indicates the connection between sleep apnea & erectile dysfunction. 

You can expect a rapid drop in your libido when your testosterone is low. It is a supreme factor for erectile dysfunction in most adults.

Low iron in your body does not supply enough oxygen-rich blood to your penis which is mandatory for erection. Shortage of blood in your body may put you on the verge of erectile dysfunction. The Male pH balance also determines your sexuality – according to dr. Sebi. 

Dehydration and erectile dysfunction may be interconnected – though, in this case, your libido dips temporarily. You need not worry if dehydration is causing erectile dysfunction in you. 

Causes of a low sex drive aren’t the same in every person – they differ from person to person. Finding out the reason in your case is a way forward for fixing sexual errors. In the process of resurrecting your sexuality, you will require a pro-fertility diet,  a favorable modification in your lifestyle, and Dr. Sebi’s male enhancement aphrodisiacs. 

Note: I tested all herbs for four months, and they proved to be indomitable! Yeah, That’s My EXPERIENCE.

Top Superior Herbs For Sexual Health

The absence of sex requires you to find natural herbs that enhance male balance. We’re documenting 5 highly efficacious natural aphrodisiacs for a super boost to your sexuality. 

Irish Sea Moss | Sea Moss and Male Balance

As an intimacy expert, I often face a question from my patients Does sea moss cure erectile dysfunction? Is it a herb for Sexual Health?

I nod yes to them for some obvious reasons. In herbal medicine, Sea Moss has a very rich history of use as an aphrodisiac and is employed to amplify sexual performance.

It is a widely accepted superfood with 92 minerals in it. According to Dr. Sebi, Sea Moss cures erectile dysfunction by boosting the flow of oxygen-rich blood in your genitals. 

It is a super packed source of Zinc, Magnesium, and Iron – all are fertility-boosting minerals. A study concludes that Zinc and magnesium are promising at boosting testosterone levels.  

Sea Moss restores male pH balance & is widely popular among Caribbeans. Some studies show that minerals in Sea Moss unimaginably boost your sperm count when taken daily. It is safe to say that Irish sea moss addresses nearly all sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction and has the ability to rectify them all. 

Withania Somnifera | Ashwagandha For Libido

Call it winter cherry, Ashwagandha, or aphrodisiac, this wonder plant appears highly valuable for low sex drive. It is a rich source of over 80 types of phytochemicals many of them are alkaloid, withananine, tryptophan, flavonoids, iron, calcium, phosphorus, saponin, and amino acids. 

One study finds that using whole food Ashwagandha markedly decreases the impact of free radicals and enhances seminal enzyme activity in your body – resulting in improved sex drive. 

Nature-made ashwagandha has an immensely positive impact on the quality of semen. Studies report that Ashwagandha is best at improving semen motility and sperm count while giving a boost to your fertility. 

Ashwagandha promotes a healthy testosterone level – a major factor for enhancing male balance. High testosterone resurrects your sexual feelings & cures erectile dysfunction. This medicinal plant is highly accepted for its anxiolytic effect as well. Ashwagandha is becoming a mainstream agent for trapping stress and other complications associated with it.

Since Ashwagandha is native to Africa, Dr. Sebi studied this herb thoroughly and acknowledged its sex benefits. 

Ashwagandha dose of 5 grams every day improves Vitamin E, C, and A absorption. The best time to take Ashwagandha is morning & in the night before going to bed with lukewarm milk. 

Anacyclus Pyrethrum | Akarkara Root

Anacyclus Pyrethrum is a perennial herb originally belonging to North Africa but, lately, Indians started cultivating it for its therapeutic importance. It has two other common names Spanish Chamomile & Akarkara. Based on clinical evidence, it is opening new doors for enhancing male virility. It works on the Alkaline principle of Dr. Sebi and improves male pH balance. 

This little-known herbal plant seems an amazing sex booster & holds strong neuroprotective effects. The Benefits of Anacyclus Pyrethrum also go further for immunity and inflammatory diseases. 

Evidence indicates that the use of Akarkara root for about 28 days can uplift sex frequency by 384 percent – that’s a massive boost you could have in your libido. Taking Anacyclus Pyrethrum supplement promotes the level of testosterone hormone, which capacitates the erection of your genital. 

You can also expect an increased sperm count and motility of your semen with the supplementation of Akarkara powder – it’ll enhance your fertility & give your “Banana” strength to deliver better in bed. 

The study also confirms that bioactive compounds of Akarkara are attributable to heightened cognitive behavior and a significant decrease in psychological crisis. 

The effect of Akarkara root/powder on your libido is prolonged – it’ll continue to make you sexually aroused even after 15 days you quit using it. 

How to take – You can take the powder of Akarkara with lukewarm milk or honey. You are required to take 1-2 grams two times a day. 

Note: Original Akarkara creates an intense sensation and increases notable saliva production in your mouth.


Shilajit is a mineral, primarily found in the big mountain ranges of the Himalayas. A pure black Shilajit remains sticky and can taste unpleasant. It can be a hateful experience to take shilajit dosage but believe me it’s worth the taste. 

If we’re to believe recent and preliminary studies, Shilajit has divine therapeutic benefits for sex & neurodegenerative diseases. It provides energy to the body & potentially prevents ailments of very different kinds.

Shilajit is a decent source of fulvic acids which may be used to reclaim your sexual health.  Fulvic acids block tau self-aggregation hence health authorities are buoyant for its successful use in Alzheimer’s disease. 

Low testosterone level gives rise to erectile dysfunction and low willingness towards sex. This pure black shilajit, if the dosage is taken systematically, can rebuild healthy testosterone levels in your body. The Shilajit dosage for erectile dysfunction is – 1 Tablet/Capsule twice a day with lukewarm milk or water. If you have purchased shilajit powder you can take 2 to 3 pinches of it two times a day with Ashwagandha Powder. Be sure to take only authentic shilajit.

Low sperm count is now a common sexual problem however taking Shilajit is the best and safe natural option you can opt for along with Ashwagandha. 

This pure black Shilajit benefits also go very well with the female reproductive system. Shilajit benefits females by improving reproductive function, causing the cessation of infertility, and giving a boost to their sexual wellness. Shilajit holds a significant amount of Iron which benefits Iron deficit females and males. 

Being overweight is deeply connected with erectile dysfunction and Shilajit helps you lose weight. So the daily supplementation of Shilajit is beneficial for preventing obesity-linked erectile dysfunction.

Tribulus Terrestris | Gokhru| Gokshura Benefits

I ate Tribulus Terrestris over the course of 1 month and I sensed a boosted erection in my genital and a heightened sexual desire. I felt more sexually attracted towards my woman.

Tribulus Terrestris otherwise, known as “Gokhru” or “Gokshura”, is a scientifically proven herbal aphrodisiac. According to the study, Tribulus Terrestris makes libido go up and causes the cessation of erectile dysfunction.

Protodioscin and Protogracillin occur in Gokhru Powder, they stimulate dihydrotestosterone (A potent sex Hormone) which results in high sexual desire. 

While the Gokhru plant is surely a Herbal Viagra for male, its benefits for females is also gaining popularity. Assessing this study reveals that Tribulus Terrestris is best at improving female libido. The dose of Tribulus Terrestris to increase libido varies from person to person. However, the standard dose could be 1 tablespoon of Tribulus Terrestris powder two times a day with slightly warm milk.

Gokhru supplementation is clinically proven safe to consume and does not have significant side effects. The side effects often remain self-limited like nausea and some mild stomach irritation.

Chlorophytum Borivilianum (Safed Musli)

Safed Musli is another top-class herb you can take into consideration when you’re low on libido. It has been employed for a long time to reclaim sexual health and vitality. The scientific name of this plant is  Chlorophytum borivilianum. 

One study actually found that the systematic supplementation of  Chlorophytum Borivilianum can have immense growth in libido and sexual arousal. Safed Musli uses its critical nutrients and alkalinity to balance male pH.

Safed Musli benefits also go well if you are dealing with a low sperm count. In a clinical study, Safed Musli powder yielded pro sperm activities. It was observed that safed Musli extract caused an increase in semen volume and sperm motility when supplemented for 12 weeks. A significant testosterone volume was also noted in the same study. 

Safed Musli extract and its powder markedly exhibit strong erectogenic activities in a study. Meaning that if you are sexually impotent or have erection issues – take the benefits of safed Musli. 

Safed Musli is not documented for serious side effects hence it is a safe natural supplement. However, you may get some mild side effects if you use it in heavy amounts.

Final Note

Finding out the working aphrodisiacs can be burdensome yet good guidance from a good herbalist can make it so easy. Above said Dr. Sebi recommended herbal Aphrodisiacs can enhance your sexual competence and may cure erectile dysfunction. 

All mentioned herbs are alkaline and work on the principle of Dr. Sebi. No matter what the sexual condition is these herbs are superior enough to heal them all. 


What is Ashwagandha Good for?

Ashwagandha benefits are countless, to be honest. With powerful adaptogenic activities, it prevents psychological decline i.e stress, anxiety, and depression. It also induces good sleep thus benefiting insomniac patients. Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha) is also good at improving your sex life, treating erectile dysfunction, and enhancing fertility. Powerful antioxidants give a boost to the immune system and prevent oxidative stress. It is also a heart-healthy supplement.

When to take Ashwagandha?

There is no standard information about the best time to take Ashwagandha. However, as an herbalist, I suggest you take 5gm Ashwagandha powder twice a day with slightly warm milk or with pure honey. 1-2 Capsules can be taken. Take it after a meal.

Does sea moss cure erectile dysfunction?

Dr. Sebi found Sea Moss a top herb with the potential to cure Erectile dysfunction. It increases the flow of blood and its zinc and iron content makes the penis get its highest erection. It does potentially cure erectile dysfunction.

How long does it take for Tribulus Terrestris to increase libido?

Tribulus Terrestris is a scientifically proven aphrodisiac and may increase libido in no time. It takes a few weeks to show overt signs of libido improvement. It has lasting effects on your libido and infertility.


Maverick Garcia is one of the few MDs in our organization with expertise in healing chronic ailments. He has been a part of the National Herpes Research Institute for more than 15 years. He backs healthy, plant-based eating. Mr. Garcia loves folk music and traveling through the night.

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