Strong Enemies: The Truth & Dark Conspiracy

Nipsey hussle

“Strong Enemies” is a documentary Nipsey Hussle planned to release after the tragic death of Dr. Sebi. The documentary focused on uncovering the truths of the court trials & the cure Dr. Sebi found for incurable ailments. The rapper Nipsey Hussle also intended to talk about the pharmaceuticals industries in his documentary. 

But before Nipsey Hussle completes his most anticipated dr Sebi documentary, he was fatally shot at his owned Marathon clothing store, south Los Angeles. News reported that he was shot at least 10 times severely damaging his lungs and spinal cord.  Police officials of LAPD apprehended Eric Holder as a prime suspect of Nipsey Hussle’s killer. Nipsey Hussle’s age was  33 when he passed. 

The last tweet of Nipsey Hussle reads – “Having strong enemies is a blessing” – which he tweeted half an hour before his assassination. This tweet of Nipsey Hussle received massive public attention and a lot of conspiracy theories aired in the air.

Under enormous grief and shock, many celebrities posted a tribute to Nipsey Hussle.

Rihanna tweeted “This doesn’t make any sense! My spirit is shaken by this! Dear God may His spirit Rest In Peace”. 

Lauren Lindon – Nipsey Hussle’s wife & girlfriend says ” I’ve never felt this type of pain before, his soul was majestic, he was the strongest man that I ever knew, a gentle father & he was brilliant. 

This is the trailer of Dr Sebi Documentary.

Who Was Dr. Sebi?

Alfredo Derrington Bowman AKA Dr. Sebi was a highly respected herbalist from Honduras. Despite this that he never stepped into any educational institution – his divine healing knowledge put forward immense hope in people dealing with pernicious ailments. 

He claimed to have discovered a cure for Herpes, HIV, Cancer, Leukemia & many other death-dealing ailments. 

Dr. Sebi is the only reason behind making plant-based diets widely popular in the USA. He also put forward that the Alkaline diet will never fail you in terms of preventing and curing ailments. 

His claims made him super popular in no time & many Hollywood personalities reported getting appointments including Micheal Jackson and Left Eyes. 

But in 2016, Dr. Sebi allegedly died from Pneumonia but the circumstances he died in were questionable. He died in police custody while in transit to a hospital.

Nipsey Hussle was closely connected to Dr. Sebi and was following the Dr. Sebi product as a supplement. It was disastrous for Nipsey Hussle to hear of the news of Dr. Sebi’s death. He then decided to come up with a Dr. Sebi documentary to tribute Dr. Sebi. 

Why was Nipsey Hussle Assassinated?

It’s been over two years now since Nipsey Hussle died in a tragic gunshot, the question yet begs an answer why he was murdered. 

Many people see a dark conspiracy in the killing of Nipsey Hussle. People don’t hesitate to relate the murder of Nipsey Hussle to the documentary he was filming on Dr. Sebi. People believe that big pharmaceutical companies & the government must have set up a conspiracy against rapper Nipsey Hussle to stop the making of the “strong enemies” – a Dr. Sebi’s documentary. 

The black people’s lives do not matter to the white community & we have seen many instances giving the example to that. Racial discrimination is a very old practice still made in the land of a powerful democratic country.

George Floyd’s murder is another racist example of what is happening in the USA against black ethnicity. They brought black people for slavery purposes and even hundreds of years after hate against black is nourishing in white people.

When the racial problem is rooted in American DNA, why wouldn’t the black community doubt what is happening around black people in the USA? 

Some news reported that Nipsey Hussle was shot to death because he was involved in a gang war. However, there is no substantial evidence to prove it. The police officials came up with different statements – LAPD found a personal dispute between Hussle and the killer.  

Adherents of Nipsey Hussle also believe that Illuminati might have reasons to kill the rapper Nipsey.

What is the reality we don’t know and perhaps we never know the actual reason for why Nipsey Hussle was murdered? But we can’t rule out the hidden conspiracy that might have taken place for killing Nipsey Hussle.

Did Dr. Sebi’s documentary complete?

The untimely demise of Nipsey Hussle left behind a big question – what will be the fate of the documentary Nipsey Hussle started. Will the documentary ever be released? 

Luckily, Nipsey Hussle’s death wasn’t the end of the Dr. Sebi documentary – “strong enemies”. Nick Cannon is the man who took responsibility to carry on with the most awaited documentary. 

Nick Cannon said – “Where you left off, we’re gonna carry one!” “It’s a MARATHON, so I’m picking up the baton! Because they can’t kill us all!”

Now there have been reports that Nick Cannon finished off the Nipsey Hussle documentary. He has dropped a Dr. Sebi documentary trailer on his official Youtube channel. Nick Cannon also has announced that he will soon be releasing the documentary. However, the release date of this documentary is yet to be finalized by the officials. 


Maverick Garcia is one of the few MDs in our organization with expertise in healing chronic ailments. He has been a part of the National Herpes Research Institute for more than 15 years. He backs healthy, plant-based eating. Mr. Garcia loves folk music and traveling through the night.

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