Gordolobo [Mullein]: A Magical Herb With Incredible Lungs Benefits

Scientific research says that Gordobo benefits the lungs because it has a robust expectorant activity that helps eliminate mucus from the lungs. Many other studies confirm the anti-inflammatory action of Gordolobo, which is another critical factor for fighting respiratory ailments.

Gordolobo aka mullein

When you suffer from a respiratory ailment, you need to be extra careful with your treatment. Not every time conventional treatment proves helpful, you can’t rely on it entirely. Sometimes you need nature to fix all your problems.

Gordolobo is a gift from nature that appears incredibly helpful in fixing a spectrum of respiratory complaints. This herbal plant is famously known as Mullein and is widely used in various health complaints.

When the global burden of chronic respiratory diseases is rapidly increasing, the importance of using herbs like Gordolobo can immensely help fix significant lung issues.

Does Science Back Gordolobo?

Since the evolution of humankind, natural herbs have been an essential ingredient for human health. Humans have been anecdotally using herbs for a very long time. Now that everything is evaluated on a scientific basis – many scientific organizations consider the medicinal properties of Gordolobo. They found the incredible therapeutic benefits of Gordolobo on the lungs. 

Scientific research says that Gordobo benefits the lungs because it has a robust expectorant activity that helps eliminate mucus from the lungs. Many other studies confirm the anti-inflammatory action of Gordolobo, which is another critical factor for fighting respiratory ailments.

According to science, Gordolobo is a fantastic herb with a high mucilage content. Mucilage eases tightness of the chest & coughing – making it a noble herb for treating respiratory diseases. Gordolobo exhibited analgesic, antiviral, and sedative activities in one controlled study. 

There have been other research papers that support the efficacy of Mullein extract for lung complaints. If you evaluate this study, you’ll embrace this herb for treating Tuberculosis. 

Today, scientists widely accept this herb for treating a spectrum of respiratory complaints. 

How Is Gordolobo Used?

If you’ve just learned about this herb and want to give it a space in your herbal cabinet, you would love to know the ways Gordolobo is used.

The most acceptable way is making Gordolobo tea. Below is the detailed guidance on how to make mullein tea.  

During making Gordolobo tea, you need to put about 0.35 ounces of mullein leaf extract in 300 ML of water. If you wish, you are welcome to add some black pepper and cinnamon to that Gordolobo tea [this will increase the efficacy of Gordolobo tea]. Remember to stir it from time to time. 

Keep boiling it until the water remains 100ml. Now turn off the flame, let it cool down, and add some honey to give it a sweet taste. When it reaches a warm temperature, drink it for respiratory relief. 

Note: Never expose honey to a very high temperature as it may be detrimental to its nutritional value. 

If you don’t like the taste of Gordolobo tea, you can prefer to consume mullein leaf extract directly. It is also commercially available in Capsule form. 

In addition, some people like to drink mullein tincture, and they believe that heat destroys the medicinal values of Mullein. To protect Mullein’s medicinal values, people soak mullein leaves in water for several weeks and make mullein tincture. 

Surprising Health Benefits Of Gordolobo | What is Gordolobo used for? 

After carefully evaluating hundreds of research papers & google scholars, we believed that Gordolobo could incredibly deal with a spectrum of ailments. 

Chronic Lung Disease

Mullein for lungs is widely appreciated and has been anecdotally used by the indigenous tribes for thousands of years. We’ve conclusive evidence that it is an effective expectorant and that it can, to a great extent, mitigate the inflammation of the lungs. The expectorant helps you get rid of excess mucus and promote clear breathing. 

COPD is a severe lung disease that causes chronic obstructed airflow, making your breathing problematic. COPD tends to worsen over time if it does not meet the right treatment. Many research papers support the use of Mullein for COPD. Scientists believe that Gordolobo is beneficial for COPD because it magically reduces lung inflammation and expels the mucus from the lungs. 

People with Asthma also employ this herb to treat breathing difficulties naturally. Mullein tea detoxes the lungs and makes the respiratory system healthy. 

We also wanted to know whether Mullein herb can treat Tuberculosis, so we researched it thoroughly. We have got clear hints that Mullein can be a noble herbal agent that can in the future be a base for tuberculosis cure. The initial studies are very promising. 

It is also a good idea if you incorporate this herb to treat the common cold, whooping cough, lower & upper respiratory tract infection, and fever. 

Apart from respiratory complaints, Mullein is widely used for a variety of other ailments too. 

Ear Infection

In some preliminary studies, Mullein is reported to have a soothing effect on an ear infection. It possesses analgesic activities that help you thwart ear pain. Mullein herb also has anti-microbial activities that kill infection-causing bacteria. 

It also appears that mullein oil softens ear wax and improves the circulatory system of the ear. It may also be a noble herbal oil for treating tinnitus, defective heating, and otitis media. 

To use Mullein, you need to put some drops of mullein oil in your ear.  

Fights Viral Infections

It is interesting to see the potential of the Gordolobo herb against many types of viral infections. Studies suggest that Gordolobo benefits in treating the most stigmatic infection known as Herpes. 

The same study also noted that mullein herb could also fight influenza viruses that cause flu and sometimes proves deadly in high-risk groups. Taking mullein tea can help the immune system fight better with influenza. 

Helps With Joints Pain 

Joint problems often come up with inflammation and pain, and typically people find it hard to cope with the pain associated with joints. Since mullein herb has potent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, many herbalists advise it for joints related crises.  

Possibly Helpful In Headache

Gordolobo is a time-tested herb to treat migraine complications. It has been used for hundreds of years by indigenous people to correct headaches. To scientifically prove this herb beneficial for headaches, Abant Izzet Baysal University conducted a study. In this study, Gordolobo demonstrated a good response in treating headaches. 

Possible Adverse Effects Of Gordolobo

If you are concerned that Gordolobo can induce side effects, you are wrong. No side effects of this herb are reported when taken in a recommended amount.

So you can safely enjoy Gordolobo tea benefits without fearing its side effects. You need to keep in mind that you need not take a very high dosage, or it may cause stomach irritation and pain.


Maverick Garcia is one of the few MDs in our organization with expertise in healing chronic ailments. He has been a part of the National Herpes Research Institute for more than 15 years. He backs healthy, plant-based eating. Mr. Garcia loves folk music and traveling through the night.

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